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Welcome to Global Focus

Welcome to the official website of Global Focus, the radio show that takes a look at what's going on in our world. International issues, politics, cultures from around the world and local events with a global flavour. We like to cover it all. 

    Of course, if you are in the Geelong region, don't forget to listen to the show every Monday 11am - 1pm on 94.7 FM The Pulse. This website is an archive of old material. Recent interviews are not available here, but we do keep copies of everything and you can contact us to receive a copy of recent material.

Travel Writing

Image We don't just do radio. We also like to dip our quills in the ink and treat you to a bit of Global Focus travel writing. Please take a look at some of our stories. I am still updating this section of the site, but we will soon have a number articles and we will be keen to accept your offerings too.

In this section you will find Leo's tales of glory from Afghanistan, David's recollections from the border and your own article too (assuming you have sent something in!) Please note that Global Focus accepts no responsibility for the truthfulness of our travel stories.

Selected Interviews

Image Aman Nasimi: From refugee to Afghan restauranteur 
Image Martin Santangelo: The music of Noche Flamenca
Darren Kindleyside: International Whaling Commision
Hossein Heirani-Maghaddam: Iran's election controversy
Image Martin Thomas: Children as casualties of war
Image Gautam Gupta: Why are Indian Students being attacked?
Image Dr Matthew Gray: It's all happening in the Middle East
Image Kamal Fadel: Dodgy documentary in Western Sahara
Image Dr Bill Williams: Japan will host a major conference on nuclear disarment
Image Senator Christine Milne: What's wrong with the Rudd government's ETS 

Tales of Glory
Mae Sot: Hidden Stories

David spent some time teaching English to refugees in Mae Sot on the Thai/Burma Border. These are his recollections.  

Afghanistan: safe or not?

Leo travelled through Afganistan as a backpacker just a few years after the NATO invasion of 2001. Common sense took a back seat to the devil-may-care attitude and the result is this cracking story about his adventure.  

Greenpeace Village Nightmare

After visiting Lamalera, a small village in Indonesia that still practices whaling, Leo provides a non-judgmental view of the practice and the fascinating culture that surrounds it.

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